Hampshire pub fire caused by faulty tumble dryer as former employee says damage is 'a tragedy'

A fire which ripped through a well-known Hampshire pub was caused by a faulty tumble dryer, fire crews have revealed.

Around fifty firefighters were tackling the blaze at it's height, which broke out at Osborne View in Hill Head in the early hours of Thursday. (22 February)

The pub was completely gutted by the blaze and crews remain at the scene as an investigation is launched.

one crew is set to return today (Friday 23 February) to conduct a reinspection, checking for any remaining hotspots.

A spokesperson for Hampshire Fire and Rescue Service said: "At this stage it is believed the blaze was caused by an electrical fault involving a tumble drier."

Around 50 firefighters were tackling the blaze at its height on Thursday morning. Credit: ITV Meridian

A former employee worked at Osborne View has described the incident as a tragedy and says many of his co-workers are in shock.

Liam Reeves worked at the hotel for more than five years, starting at just 16 years old.

He also lived there briefly in the flat below while his parents who live up the road were renovating.

"It's just such a shame as to what's gone on and what's happened," Liam told ITV Meridian.

"I think the pub's such a sort of cornerstone of Hill Head, there isn't that much business there, and there's not that many pubs, so it's just really a tragedy that it's happened.

"I'm glad that everyone's safe and everyone's unharmed and, you know, great work by the fire engines to put everything out, but yeah, it's worrying to know what will happen next really."

Liam Reeves with a co-worker when he worked at Osborne view. Credit: Liam Reeves

Liam was alerted to the news of the fire by a series of messages and says everyone is devastated by the news of the fire.

"It's not just any local pub, it was a very iconic part of their local area.

"The history behind it is incredible as well, particularly as it's named after Osborne House on the Isle of Wight because you can see that from a certain viewpoint in the pub.

"People go there for Christmas, for New Year's, they always used to have a great fancy dress party which was, you know, fun for everyone involved.

  • Liam Reeves says everyone is in shock over the fire at the pub.

The pub's owners, Hall and Woodhouse, say they will be supporting the emergency services with the investigation into the fire.

In a statement, Matt Kearsey, Managing Director of Hall & Woodhouse, said: "A serious fire broke out at the Osborne View Hotel in Fareham in the early hours of this morning (Thursday 22nd February).

"Thankfully, all team onsite evacuated before coming to any harm. The wellbeing of all those affected is our primary concern and we will be providing support and reassurance to all those who require it.

"Hampshire Fire and Rescue Service were quickly in attendance and are helping to bring the fire under control. I would like to pass on my deepest gratitude to the emergency crews for their swift action and bravery.

"We will be supporting the emergency services fully in any forthcoming investigation into the cause of the fire."

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