Five cars destroyed and house damaged in suspected arson incident in Eastleigh

  • ITV Meridian's Kerry Swain spoke to a woman whose car was destroyed in the fire.

Five cars were destroyed and part of a home was damaged in a suspected arson incident.

Police were called to Drum Road, Eastleigh at around 5am on Monday (11 March).

A firefighter whose mother lives on the street, says the fire could have threatened lives.

  • Firefighter Dan Burden's mother's car was destroyed in the fire.

Within five to six minutes, the fire spread from a van, to several cars and then to the house sitting behind it.

Hampshire Fire and Rescue Service station manager Dan Burden said: "It's really important to get the message across that fire can spread really quickly and unpredictably... and can be very dangerous."

  • Video from a doorbell captured a flash as the fire ignited and two figures can be seen fleeing

Within seconds, doorbell footage shows building and thickening smoke to the left.

In the aftermath, cars were blackened and buckled, with guttering on the damaged house melting.

It shows how close the houses came to catching fire as people slept in their beds.

  • Dan's mother, Jeanette Unwin says she was woken up in the middle of the night by a loud bang outside her home.

Jeanette Unwin awoke to find her car and several others on her road had caught fire and says it was lucky no one was hurt.

She said: "I could just see the neighbours looking at my house. I went to my bathroom window and saw the flames and everything.

"I come downstairs and all I could see flames and smoke and water."

Police would like to hear from anyone who saw anything suspicious - they are also appealing to people with CCTV, doorbell camera, mobile phone or dash cam footage to call 101 or Crimestoppers.

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