CCTV footage released by Surrey Police shows criminal stealing high-valued car

  • Watch: CCTV footage of high-valued car stolen as it reverses through driveway gate

Four men have been sentenced to a total of 12-and-a-half years in prison for stealing millions of pounds worth of cars, including areas across Sussex, Kent and Surrey.

They were members of an organised crime gang responsible for the theft of 53 high value vehicles, valued at more than £3.7 million.

The thefts took place over 12 months and across multiple counties in the south-east of England.

Officers arrested the suspects on the 26 April 2023, after building a clear picture of their illegal activities through intelligence, forensics, ANPR, call data, witness testimony and CCTV enquiries.

The thefts took place across multiple counties in the South East, Including Kent, Sussex and Surrey, as Chloe Oliver reports.

During the investigation, officers discovered how the gang used the ‘relay attack’ technique to target keyless vehicles including Rolls-Royce, Bentley, Land Rover, Range Rover and Alfa Romeo.

This method involves using a master device to copy the signal of the vehicle key and transmit it to a second smaller device, which replicates the key and unlocks the car.

Investigating Officer DC Matt Earl, said: "This was a large-scale investigation that was made possible by the hard-work and dedication of the Serious and Organised Crime Unit, as well as the support and collaboration of other neighbouring police forces.

"The level of criminality that these four people undertook was significant and had a huge financial impact.

"These men acted out of pure greed and had no regard for how their crimes may affect the lives of their victims.

"We are glad that these criminals have been successfully brought to justice and will now have lots of time to think about their actions whilst sitting in prison."

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