Dog-inspired cake leaves Oxford partygoers 'bemused' after being 'too realistic'

The cake looked almost identical to Arthur, who it was based on. Credit: Anna Railton

A birthday cake in Oxford has left partygoers 'bemused' after it looked almost identical to the pet dog it was based on.

Anna Railton and Chris Smowton thought getting a life-size replica of their dog, Arthur, made for their joint party would be a good idea, but upon seeing it were shocked at how realistic it was.

The cake, made by a local business in Oxford's Covered Market, looked almost identical and left the couple 'reasonably horrified'.

Chris with the cake. Credit: Anna Railton

Anna told ITV Meridian that the idea to get the cake made to look exactly their pet probably 'wasn't the best idea'.

“Arthur is eight years old,” she told us. “And I thought it would be good idea to get a cake made in the shape of my dog.

“It's turned out that it wasn't the best idea after all.

“When it turned up we were both reasonably horrified actually, both of its size and its… realism."

The cake went down well with guests after their initial shock. Credit: Anna Railton

Speaking about The Cake Shop, who created the masterpiece, Anna said they were 'fantastic'.

"They will basically make, I think, more or less anything and always do a very good job of it.

"In this case I think they did maybe too good a job, it was too fantastic.

"When we brought it out people did a double take, it was too realistic. So yeah, it's very much one of those things where just because you can doesn't mean that you should, right?"

Luckily, Anna confirmed that Arthur didn't register the cake looked like him. He knew it was there, but didn't 'twig that it was a dog'.

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