Meet the primary school youngsters planting 14 'children's forests' around the UK

WATCH: ITV News Meridian's Andy Dickenson reports

Primary school children have been coming together in Sussex to plant small forests - and battle climate change.

The Children's Forest initiative was one of the winners of last year's People's Projects here on ITV Meridian and its already already bearing fruit.

Organisers say they've now planted seven thousand trees in 14 different locations around the UK - while teaching children to be caretakers of nature.

This week, pupils from Danehill School have been planting a fresh grove at a popular campsite nearby.

Children have planted 14 forests so far around the UK

"Children hear a lot about climate change and a lot of negative stories about what's happening, " Erica Shorter, organiser, said.

"And we feel it's really important for children to have the opportunity to take positive, embodied action to plant forests for the future generations of all species.

"Our hope is that every child gets the opportunity to plant a tree."

The scheme also tries to help children make stronger connections with nature - sitting around campfires, playing and drinking birch sap; guiding them through a four-step process of experiencing, imagining, planting and tending.

Sessions involve building fires, storytelling, singing, playing games and painting

"They're being guided to really think about the future," parent Flora Pethybridge said.

"And actions they might take that could have a real impact on their children and their children's children.

"Planting seeds for hope, really. Something I think our children need more than ever in the world they're going into."