Why do beavers keep washing up on the coast in Kent?

Watch: A beaver takes a stroll around Sandwich bay.

A beaver has been spotted walking around on a Kent beach after it was washed ashore.

It's the second incident of one of the creatures washing up in the South East of England in recent days, with another beaver now recovering at a wildlife centre in Sussex.

This beaver was caught on camera in the Sandwich Bay Area by an eyewitness, who was shocked see it strolling around.

Video shows the animal pausing to take in its surroundings, before walking up to a car to have a closer look.

It then proceeded to head off down the beach and its condition is currently unknown.

Why do beavers keep washing ashore?

It's a well known fact that beavers get into difficulty in the first few months of the year the RSPCA says. Four have already washed ashore in the region in the last week.

The young ones, who have spent most of their lives in their 'family lodge' get curious and start exploring.

Some then get washed down river and out to sea, or chose to go out to sea.

Many then get into difficulty and ingest salt water, which can cause them to lose their lives. The lucky ones wash ashore and are rescued.

Peter Smith, RSPCA centre manager, said: “It’s quite common for beavers to get into difficulty at this time of year, the youngsters leave their family lodge and start exploring.

“Unfortunately some go for a swim in the sea and get into difficulty, and sadly many lose their lives. We have had four reported to us this week, and sadly one had already died.”

Anyone who finds a stranded beaver can report it to their local wildlife trust or to the RSPCA directly.

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