British Airways flight nearly hits drone over Kent

A plane similar to this British Airways A321 was involved in the near miss Credit: British Airways

A British Airways aeroplane narrowly avoided a collision with a drone which passed within five feet of it.

The passenger jet was nearly 10,000 feet up in the air flying over Kent when the device was spotted.

The pilot of the A321 plane said they became aware of an object slightly to the right of the nose at same level on a constant bearing with closing distance.

It passed down the right-hand side of the aircraft and over their right wing.

The reported risk of a collision was found to be high.

Details were passed immediately to London Air Traffic Control who informed the pilot of the aircraft behind them.

The UK Airprox Board investigates risks of airborne collision to enhance air safety in the UK.

They reported the incident happened at around 4.30pm on 3 January 2024 saw the rogue craft pass within just five feet of the airliner.

It's thought the flight had been on its way to London Heathrow from Greece.