43 guinea pigs rescued by RSCPA in Littlehampton after 'unprecedented' flooding

The guinea pigs were caught in flash flooding in Littlehampton. Credit: RSPCA

43 guinea pigs that were caught up in 'unprecedented' flooding in Sussex have been rescued by the RSPCA.

The animals' owner, who volunteers for the RSPCA, was among those caught in flash flooding in Littlehampton on Monday night.

The guinea pig's home, a purpose-built two-storey space, was overrun by water, and if action was not taken the RSPCA says the creatures would have drowned.

When RSPCA rescuers arrived, the run was under 1ft (0.3 m) of water, and the animals had been moved to the upper level by their owner.

However, they were concerned that rising water levels would put them at risk, and asked the charity for help.

Volunteers managed to get them all into boxes and cages. Credit: RSPCA

Animal Rescue Officer Marie Stevens went to help. She said: “These guinea pigs have an absolutely fantastic home in a purpose-built guinea pig heaven with a large, two-storey indoor space and a huge run.

“But when I arrived, their run was under approximately 1ft (0.3 m) of water and the guinea pigs’ owner had moved them inside to the upper level but was concerned about their safety.

“Her quick actions overnight had saved them from near certain drowning, and we were happy to help move them to temporary accommodation while she concentrated on clearing her house, garden, and the guinea pigs’ home.”

If action hadn't been taken the creatures would have drowned. Credit: RSPCA

“We were only too happy to help ensure the safety of these piggies, many of whom were originally rescued by our teams before being rehomed in Littlehampton,” Marie added.

“We managed to get them all into boxes and cages to move them, but because all the surrounding roads were badly flooded we had to load them onto trolleys and wheelbarrows to wheel them over a footbridge and to my van.

“I’ve never seen flooding like it in that part of Sussex; it’s unprecedented.”

All the animals are now in emergency accommodation until their original home dries out, the charity confirmed.

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