Parking charges to rise by 6% in Brighton

Parking charges across Brighton and Hove set to rise by 6%. Credit: PA archive images.

Parking charges are set to increase by an average of 6% across Brighton and Hove.

As part of the Annual Council Budget setting process, agreed changes to on street and off-street parking charges will come into effect from April 22, 2024.

The cost of parking in council car parks and parking permits will also change from the same date.

Agreed by the Transport and Sustainability Committee and Budget Council earlier this year, new pricing will appear on the PayByPhone parking app.

On street and off street parking charge rises in Brighton using PayByPhone app. Credit: ITV News Meridian.

However, following feedback from residents, the council has halved a planned increase to the cost of parking permits in all Light Touch zones.

Last year, the Committee also reversed a planned increase to parking charges in four areas of Brighton & Hove, including near the Royal Sussex County Hospital.

By law, any surplus generated by parking fees and charges must be spent on provision of public transport services, road safety schemes, air quality or environmental improvements.

This includes helping to maintain our roads, pavements and cycle routes and fixing potholes and other improvements.

In 2022/23, £10 million of the surplus was spent on providing older and disabled people with concessionary bus passes and more than £1.6 million on supporting bus and other public transport services.

A spokesperson for Brighton and Hove Council said: "Without this parking surplus, bus services to outlying communities, some evening bus services, buses to less privileged communities and buses to the countryside wouldn’t operate.

"This funding is essential to providing access to communities, health, education and leisure services for residents, businesses and visitors across the city."

The changes come as the council undertakes a comprehensive review of its parking services in the city.

More information will be published later this year.

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