Thousands in East Sussex without water for a fifth day

ITV Meridian's Tony Green has spent the day talking to customers and business owners in Hastings

Seven thousand properties in East Sussex remain without water tonight - after a mains pipe burst four days ago.

Southern Water says two thousand of those homes in St Leonards and Hastings are unlikely to have supplies restored until tomorrow.

At its worst, more than 32,000 homes and businesses were without water in St Leonards, Hastings and Westfield.

Bottled water stations remain open between 8am and 9pm

The disruption has had a major impact on businesses who rely on bank holiday trade.

One hotel owner says he's had to turn away half of his guests, and use sea water to flush toilets.

Although the pipe was repaired on Saturday, Southern Water had to recharge our network and restart their Beauport supply works.

In a statement on Monday afternoon they said:

"Around 25,500 properties in St Leonards and Hastings have now had mains supply restored, though they may experience reduced pressure for a time.

"Of the remaining 7,000 properties affected, a significant number are expected to be back on supply later on Monday.

"However, around 2,000 properties in parts of St Helen’s and St Helen’s Wood, which are normally served by the Fairlight reservoir, are unlikely to see supply restored until tomorrow morning or lunchtime.

"This is because the reservoir is not yet sufficiently stocked to meet the demand.

Water stations remain open Credit: Southern Water

"Our bottled water stations will remain open each day from 8am-9pm and we will continue to deliver bottled water to customers on our Priority Services Register until everyone is confirmed back in supply.

"Efforts are underway to ensure supplies to enable all primary and secondary schools and colleges in the area to open as normal tomorrow."

The company says that customers may find their water is cloudy, which is caused by air bubbles, or discoloured which is caused by iron deposits in the pipes.

They reassure customers that this is "harmless" and can be remedied by running the kitchen tap until the water runs clear.