Your Pictures: The Northern Lights

Northern Lights over Sussex Credit: Ed Warren

Did you see them? I was fast asleep as the excitement unfolded but plenty of you were out enjoying this rare, spectacular display of colour in the skies over Southern England.

The Northern Lights were the result of an extreme solar storm, causing the sun to throw out huge bursts of energy and plasma. As these reached our atmosphere they reacted with our gases to create greens (Oxygen) as well as pinks, blues and purples (Nitrogen).

The weather inbox is overflowing with your wonderful snaps so this is just a selection...

Credit: Malcolm Potter, Chinnor
Credit: Ian Gray, Butser Hill
Credit: Anna Luxton, Wokingham
Credit: Mark Bond, Shoreham By Sea
Credit: Rajendra Pisavadia, Eastbourne
Credit: Lauren Webb, Beaulieu
Credit: Martin Coward, Corfe Castle
Credit: Grace, Chieveley
Credit: Yvette Cook, Hastings
Credit: Paul Darby, Herne Bay