'There were literally cats everywhere': Nearly 100 black cats left for dead in Kent

  • Joe Coshan has been speaking to the animal rescue centre who has taken the cats in.

Nearly 100 cats have been abandoned in an empty property in Kent.

Safe Haven Animal Rescue near Sevenoaks rescued the animals and are currently caring for 74 mostly black cats.

They say there's so many cats and kittens at the property in Dartford that they are having to re-visit every day to care for more.

The charity is now looking the re-home the animals.

  • Animal Rescue Volunteers describe the moment they found the kittens.

Volunteer, Sarah McLaughlin said: "There was a sign on the driveway of the property saying kittens for sale, so clearly someone had been allowing them to breed, which is obviously what had gone on. There were literally cats everywhere.

"We found 26 little kittens there, all probably under the age of three weeks, they were tucked up in kitchen cupboards and things like that.

"We took out the kittens and then found two nursing mums that we took with them.

"The ones that are left there now are a bit more feral, a little bit older, a bit wiser, so a bit nervous of us so it's taking a bit longer."

Every cat is costing the not-for-profit around £200 in vet bills, to make sure they're safe to be re-homed.

One of the dozens of kittens abandoned at the property in Kent

The charity say the majority of the cats they have rescued are black, which is more difficult as black cats are statistically the least likely to be adopted.

Volunteer, Paula Bowen said: "It's the fact they're all black cats, that makes it very hard to get them re-homed.

"People are concerned about their superstitions about black cats, witchcraft and concerns about them getting run down on the roads. They will all get a home in the end, however long it takes."

They are putting a plea out to other rescue centres to help and place the remaining cats, asking for donations of cat food and cat dinner, and want to hear from people who can offer transport for rehousing and vet visits.

Anyone interested in offering support is asked to email info@safehavenanimalrescue.co.uk or if anyone is looking to adopt a cat they can contact them for an application form.

Founder Elise Bradley, told ITV Meridian: "I was optimistic that more people would come together and would be able to help.

"Whereas unfortunately there are so many cats in rescue centres, that everywhere is completely full.

"So yeah I took on more than I first imagined, but how can you say no when they need you?

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