GENERAL ELECTION 24: How it now stands in the South, South East and Thames Valley

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Now the dust has settled, the political map of the south looks very different.

A sea of blue has been transformed into a patchwork of red, blue and yellow, with pockets of green in Brighton and light blue in Thurrock.

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Rachel Hepworth reports on results across the south of the region.

James Dunham looks at the story of the night across the south east.

Ciaran Fitzpatrick reports on results in the Thames Valley

The Tories in the south had to fight a war on two fronts, against Labour in some places, against the Lib Dems in others, and they lost decisively.

This was a political revolution in the Tory heartland. Many voters in the south were determined to get the Conservatives out, and Nigel Farage's party were more than happy to help.

For Labour, it was an historic night. Swathes of the Meridian region, places which have only ever had a Tory MP, are Labour now - places like Bracknell, where Labour overturned a Tory majority of nearly 20,000. And Folkestone and Hythe, where the Tory majority last time round was even bigger.

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The Lib Dems, who began this election targetting just four seats in our region - Eastbourne, Lewes, Winchester and Wokingham - won them easily and much more besides.

They really are back in the game now.

But this was Labour's night. Big towns and cities like Swindon, Bournemouth, Southampton, Reading Portsmouth and the Medway Towns are theirs now.

There were no no-go areas for Labour in this election.

The political map of the south, the true-blue Tory south, from Dorset up to Buckinghamshire. across to Kent, is now dotted in yellow and red. It's the Tory heartland no more.