Petrol panic buying

Two petrol stations at Christchurch in Dorset were closed by police this afternoon. Queues to get into the garages caused traffic problems.

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  1. Hannah Costigan

Trading standards fuel advice

Buckinghamshire Trading Standards has added its voice to those advising people not to stockpile fuel at home, saying fuel storage on domestic properties should be kept to a minimum due to increased fire risks. Anyone considering storing fuel must make sure they keep to the legal requirements.

Terry Carter, Principal Trading Standards Officer, said: “We understand the short-term difficulties a petrol strike will cause people but public safety is our number one concern - therefore we would strongly advise people to be sensible and not to take unnecessary risks with fuel.

“As with all highly flammable liquids, there are obvious safety and legal issues associated with the storage of fuel around the home, which could result in increased risks to both residents and firefighters in the event of a fire."

  1. Adam Clark

Warning not to store fuel after woman suffers burns

Wiltshire Fire & Rescue Service has reminded people not to store fuel in their homes, after a woman in Yorkshire was badly burned in an explosion.

The woman accidentally set fire to herself after trying to decant petrol from one container to another using a jug in her kitchen.

The petrol vapours were ignited by the gas cooker.

Area Manager John Popowicz said: “Given that there is no industrial action affecting fuel supplies as yet, our advice would be to not store fuel at home, as it is a significant fire risk.

"If you do need to have flammable materials on your premises, you should never bring them into the domestic part of the home."


Petrol panic buying

More views from our Facebook friends, over panic buying of fuel:

Sharm Graves: getting married in north wales next week another thing to worry about if we will get fuel thank you goverment : ( they have not even said they are stricking yet grrrr)

Kayleigh Taylor I can see why people are panic buying it will always happen but do people forget that they can always use a bike train bus or even walk??? If people say work is too far away get a train. My partner does.

Paula Cunnington What is wrong with people. They have to give a weeks notice! It's madness. A friend of mine filled up yesterday and yes she WAS empty! The stupid woman in front of her put in £3.72. It's madness

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