Petrol panic buying

Two petrol stations at Christchurch in Dorset were closed by police this afternoon. Queues to get into the garages caused traffic problems.

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Is your tank topped up?

Here's a selection of views from ITV Meridian's Facebook site. There are a lot of people out there queuing for petrol and diesel. But, it seems, all the panic buying is making things worse:

Karlene Heath These motorists need to stop and use their common sense. They are causing the very shortage they are trying to avoid being affected by. If you don't have to fill up right now -DON'T!

Jayne Norman My car is empty, I need fuel to get to a family funeral in the north of England but every place round me is either closed or rationing. I do not expect to sit in the petrol station for an hour with 4 young children getting hotter and hotter in the car.


  1. Adam Clark

Petrol panic continues

The scene in Park Gate, Hampshire, at 0630 this morning Credit: Adam Clark

The panic buying of petrol was continuing this morning as motorists queued for fuel.

This is the scene in Park Gate in Hampshire a short time ago.

Nearby stations have run out of fuel, meaning that this garage had people queuing in a desperate bid to fill up.


Queues at the pumps

Traffic is already queueing for petrol in Portsmouth - back to Sainsbury's from the petrol station on the A3 Commercial Road, northbound to All Saints' Street.

And in Cosham, there are similar reports of queueing traffic on the A397 Northern Road, northbound, from the petrol station to the roundabout

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