Local authorities funding cuts

Local councils across the south have been told what central government funding cuts they will be subjected to over the next year. The cuts come as part of the continued push by the coalition government to balance the country's books.

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Cuts near 'worst case scenario'

The leader of Hastings Borough Council has said the planned reduction in the council's central government funding is 'close to our worst case scenario'. Hastings is due to have it's budget slashed by 14%. The average cut to other authorities in the south is 1.7%

“This is certainly close to our worst case scenario in terms of budget planning. Overall we have experienced a 50% reduction in government finance to run the council since 2010.

“I obviously hope our record will make us eligible for the new efficiency grant. After all we have restructured the council, including dispensing with the post of chief executive, we have signed a joint waste contract with other East Sussex councils and a joint parks and gardens contract and the two will save us £1 million a year."

– Cllr Jeremy Birch, Council leader


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