Village anger after road splits

A road in Oxfordshire has split in two after wet weather.

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'No timeframe' to fix crack in Oxfordshire road

The cracked road on the A4183 in Oxfordshire Credit: ITV News Meridian

Further delays are expected to the repair of a road in Oxfordshire which split in two following heavy rain last December.

People living close to the A4183 at Boars Hill say neighbouring routes are being used as rat runs.

Oxfordshire County Council said that "no timeframe to remedy the issue had yet been agreed".


Road splits in two in landslide - amazing video

Drivers are being advised to take care after a road in Oxfordshire split into two.

The route near Hinksey Hill is now partially closed while engineers try to repair the enormous crack in the tarmac. It's thought the wet weather is to blame.

The Environment Agency is warning there may be further flooding in the area. Kate Bunkall reports.

Massive crack in the road in Oxfordshire

Oxford Road is split down the middle Credit: ITV Meridian

This massive crack has appeared in Oxford Road in Boars Hill in Oxfordshire. Investigations are underway to find out what caused it.

Part of the road appears to have fallen away Credit: ITV Meridian
Oxford Road is currently closed Credit: ITV Meridian


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