Thursday's Top Stories

Amanda Piper has a round up of the stories making the news in the Meridian region.

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Today's top stories

If you missed any of our Daybreak bulletins this morning, here's a chance to find out what's happening in the region this Thursday with Amanda Piper. Helen Plint looks ahead to what the weather has in store.

Train Death - Investigations are continuing into a crash on a level crossing in Oxfordshire in which a man died. The car he was travelling in was hit by a freight train. Another person, who was in the car, is still in hospital.

Arson court - A man has been charged with three counts of arson in connection with a series of fires in Winchester. Emergency crews were called to the historic Deanery where antique books were destroyed and the nearby ice rink had to be evacuated on New Year's Day.

M's Passion - The feisty boss of James Bond is taking on a more relaxed role today. Dame Judi Dench is visiting two racehorses she recently bought shares in. They're being trained at stables near Sittingbourne.

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