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Amanda Piper brings you a round up of the day's news in the Meridian region.

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A first look at what's happening in the region this Friday with Amanda Piper. And as forecasters predict temperatures are due to plummet this weekend, Simon Parkin has the weather.

Today's top stories:- Protests Expected - Opponents to the High Speed Two rail link are expected to demonstrate at roadshows aimed at outlining the compensation the Government is expected to pay to those affected. Many in Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire say it isn't enough.

Winter Bug Fears - The cold spell expected over the next few days has led doctors to warn we could see an increase in winter bugs. Already our region's hospitals have suffered outbreaks of the Norovirus. Now people are being asked to take precautions.

Lifeboat Future - Permission has been given to the RNLI to build inshore lifeboats in Poole. The charity hopes to develop a facility in the town, costing £11.2million which would save it nearly £4million annually.

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