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Amanda Piper brings you a full round up of the region's news this Friday.

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Amanda has the news

A round up of the stories making the news this Friday with Amanda Piper. As the snow falls across many parts of the ITV News Meridian region, Simon Parkin has a look at what the weather has in store.

Today's Headlines:- The Snow Arrives - The region is having to cope with blizzard like conditions with the transport network severely affected. Southampton Airport suspended flights this morning and some train operators cancelled services or ran a reduced timetable.

Pupils Stay Home - Many schools took the option to shut their doors today. More than a hundred have closed in Hampshire. Schools in Wiltshire, Dorset, Berkshire and on the Isle of Wight are also affected.

Emergency Calls - Ambulance services and hospitals are asking people to NOT call 999 if they slip in the snow. Instead the advice is to use walk in centres and NHS Direct.

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