Council acts after bus accident

A schoolboy has been hit by a bus in Winchester - now part of the market has been suspended.

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Market suspended after boy hit by bus

Part of a Hampshire market has been suspended after a ten year old boy was hit by a bus.

There have been concerns that the market is too close to the road where the accident happened.

Winchester City Council said it was meeting with police to look at the circumstances surrounding the accident.

In a statement the council added: "In the mean time we have decided to suspend the market on Thursday 31 January and Friday 1 February in the lower part of the High Street until we are clear about the circumstances of the accident.

"This will affect about eight or ten stalls.

"After meeting the police we will decide on the best approach for the market on Saturday 2 February and Sunday 3 February.

"We are taking this very seriously and looking again at all the safety aspects."

The council added that it would take any action that may be necessary.



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