New dog microchipping laws

It's been announced it'll be compulsory for owners to get their dogs microchipped. People will be given three years to comply.

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The benefits of micro chipping your pets

In three years time every dog will have to be microchipped by law. Many of you probably already get your pets chipped - but the government says soon everyone must - to make sure owners can be held accountable for their dogs behaviour.

But of course micro chipping can also help reunite lost animals, as Charlotte Wilkins reports.


Measures to stop dangerous dogs

The Government has announced plans to extend legal protection over dog attacks to cover incidents on private property. The move will be a boost for postmen and women, health visitors and others who call at private addresses but have not been covered by the law if they are bitten by a dog.

Ministers have also announced compulsory microchipping of dogs, with owners being given three years to comply. It follows a consultation last year on issues surrounding dangerous dogs.

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