Man guilty of attempted murder

A Folkestone man who left a man fighting for his life following a knife attack has been found guilty of attempted murder.

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Man guilty of attempted murder after knife attack

Stephen Boorman Credit: Kent Police

A Folkestone man who left another fighting for his life has been found guilty of attempted murder.

Stephen Boorman, 28, previously of Coolinge Road, Folkestone, denied inflicting life threatening injuries on 44-year-old Darren McMorran at a flat in Black Bull Road, Folkestone.

On August 16th last year, Boorman had been drinking with Mr McMorran and another man. Already on a curfew, he attacked Mr McMorran with a knife, stabbing him four times.

He then left the flat as members of the public rushed to the victim's aid.

One women used her shawl to try and stop the bleeding while another man took off his jumper and used it to stem the flow of blood.

Paramedics arrived quickly and Mr McMorran was rushed to a London hospital and placed in intensive care.

Police arrived in Black Bull Road and closed off the crime scene - and an officer at the rear of the flats spotted the knife over a wall in the river.

He then saw Boorman with blood stained clothing and arrested him. Boorman was later charged with attempted murder.

Boorman’s trial took place at Canterbury Crown Court and throughout the proceedings he refused to admit his guilt.

Det Insp Gavin Moss said: "This was a horrific attack and the victim was lucky to escape from it with his life."

Boorman will be sentenced at a later date.

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