Labour leader in Eastleigh

The Labour leader Ed Miliband was in Eastleigh today backing the party's candidate John O’Farrell in his campaign. The by-election will be held on February 28 after former Liberal Democrat MP Chris Huhne resigned.

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Full list of candidates for the Eastleigh by-election

Conservative - Maria Hutchings

Labour - John O'Farrell

Liberal Democrats - Mike Thornton

UK Independence Party - Diane James

National Health Action - Iain MacLennan

Peace Party - Jim Duggan

Independent - Danny Stupple

English Democrats - Mike Walters

Monster Raving Loony Party - Alan Hope

Wessex Regionalists - Colin Bex

Elvis Loves Pets - David Bishop

The Beer, Baccy and Crumpet Party - Ray Hall

Christian Party - Kevin Milburn

Trade Unionists and Socialists - Daz Procter


Pictures: Ed Miliband in Eastleigh

Labour leader Ed Miliband surrounded by party supporters as he visits Eastleigh ahead of the by-election on February 28 Credit: Press Association Images
Labour leader Ed Miliband visits Eastleigh to meet party candidate John O' Farrell Credit: Press Association Images
Labour leader Ed Miliband has a coffee with former Liberal Democrat voters during his visit Credit: Press Association Images

Labour's mansion tax mission in Eastleigh

Leader of the Labour Party Ed Miliband Credit: Press Association Images

The Labour Leader Ed Miliband is in Eastleigh today to show his support for the party's candidate, John O'Farrell, in the town's by-election campaign. Mr Miliband used the opportunity to push through the party's policy on Mansion Tax.

He said: "The by-election here in Eastleigh, like the General Election that will follow, will be a living standards election. A Labour budget next month wouldn’t be cutting taxes for millionaires. We would tackle the vested interests that hold you and business back.

"And this week I said we would restore the 10p tax rate, putting Labour where it should always have been: on the side of working people. I have said that should be funded by a tax on houses worth over £2m."

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