Runners join Iwan for 'parkrun'

The UK's 400m record holder - the runner Iwan Thomas MBE, has been encouraging people to take part in a new fitness event called 'Park Run'. The free timed 5 kilometre events at local parks are for amateurs and experts alike.

Live updates

  1. Sally Simmonds

Park running with Iwan Thomas

A new fitness event called 'parkrun' is encouraging thousands of people from across the south to participate in weekly 5 kilometre runs. One supporter is Britain's most successful 400m runner, Iwan Thomas. Sally Simmonds joined him at his local run through the park.

Anyone can take part in 'parkruns' and people of all ages and abilities have been taking up the challenge.

Find out if there is a 'parkrun' near you by clicking here.

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