Mystery of eight dog deaths

Experts are trying to work out if a toxin is behind the deaths of at least eight dogs in the New Forest.

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Vet says dog deaths 'very scary' - full report

Tests are being carried out in the New Forest after eight dogs died after being taken for walks at a popular beauty spot.

Vets say the animals got a cut on their paw and think a mystery toxin in the ground could have infected the wound.

The council says it's looking into the claims and people should stay away from Latchmore Brook near Fordingbridge if they're worried.

Martin Dowse speaks to Roger Stobbs, of Forest Veterinary Clinic, and dog owner Pauline Chalk.

Dog death investigation - council statement

A spokesman for New Forest District Council said: "We are aware of a veterinary-led investigation into a small number of dog deaths in the Fordingbridge area.

We are working closely with other agencies to establish the cause. If dog owners are concerned, they may wish to follow veterinary advice and avoid the suspected areas of Ogdens / Latchmore Bottom, and to contact their local vet if they have any concerns about their dogs.”


Dog deaths investigation - Forestry Commision statement

The Forestry Commission is treating seriously reports of incidents of dogs falling ill and dying after walking in the Ogdens area of the New Forest.

At this stage we don’t know what is responsible – it could be something in the environment or it may be something not related to the Forest.

To help find out what is causing this distressing situation we have got back to the only dog owner who contacted us to pinpoint the area he visited.

We are in touch with other organisations including the Environment Agency and New Forest District Council to try and find the cause of the illness.

The number of cases is a small proportion of the dogs walked in the New Forest every day. We would ask owners to be vigilant, and to contact their vet if they have any concerns about their dogs.

If anybody has any information they believe would help this situation please get in touch with us.

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