'None of my 19 artificial legs fit'

A man from Sussex has made an official complaint after he was fitted with 19 separate artificial legs over three years. John Bryce claims that not one of the limbs fitted properly, and that he is still in pain.

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Hospital apologises over artificial legs issue

A Sussex man who struggles to walk, despite being given 19 different artifical legs by the NHS, has been offered an apology by the hospital which treated him.

The Sussex Community NHS Trust which runs the Brighton General told ITV Meridian that the problems John Bryce was having were due to underlying health issues. The trust admits this was inaccurate and have retracted the statement.

  1. Charlotte Wilkins

Former builder's gripe: 'None of my 19 artificial legs fit'

A builder whose leg had to be amputated after he fell off a ladder four years ago has made an official complaint, saying none of the artificial legs he has been given since then has fitted properly.

John Bryce from Storrington In Sussex has said the ordeal he has gone through has left him in severe pain, and that he still struggles to walk at all. Charlotte Wilkins reports.

Mr Bryce has had treatment at both Brighton General Hospital and the Queen Mary's Hospital in Roehampton, the latter is internationally recognised as being one of the world's leading amputee rehabilitation centres.

A spokesperson from the St George's Healthcare NHS Trust said the trust is working with Sussex Community NHS Trust about a complaint received regarding Mr Bryce's care, and that the complaint is being investigated thoroughly.


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