China bowl worth £150,000?

A rare piece of porcelain that was part of a lot that sold for almost £1 million at auction could soon be reunited with its identical twin.

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Blockbuster bowl could be worth £150,000

China bowl in its original box. Credit: The Canterbury Auction Galleries

A rare piece of china, part of a lot that sold for almost £1million, could soon be reunited with its identical twin.

Tony Evans' collection of Imperial Chinese porcelain was expected to sell for around £150,000, when it appeared in auction at Canterbury last May.

Instead the "blockbuster sale" raised almost £900,000.

One particularly rare piece out performed all the rest - a six-inch Imperial porcelain bowl decorated with pheasants. Estimated at £8,000, it sold for a whopping £195,000.

Now, astonishingly, the Evans family has found its pair, due to be sold in ten days time. It's now estimated as worth £100,000 to £150,000.

Simon Evans said: “We were all gobsmacked when my father’s collection made so much money and my jaw hit the floor when the pheasant bowl sold for £195,000.

“Then a few days after, he suddenly announced that he thought there might have been a pair of the bowls. He had forgotten completely.

“I’ve decided to sell it not because I need the money but because I’m anxious about having something so valuable in the house.”

Mr Evans’ grandfather began collecting oriental porcelain in 1925, during the time he worked for a mining company based in the port of Tientsin near Beijing.

Made toward the end of the Kangxi period, the pheasant bowl, identical to its sister, is decorated with a pair of pheasants among flowers and foliage growing from rocks.

It is similar to one from the Qing Court now in the Palace Museum Collection in Beijing.

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