Halton's 100 years of flying

RAF Halton in Wendover, Buckinghamshire is celebrating its Centenary of Flight after the first aircraft left its base in September 1913.

100 years on and the RAF base is home to a variety of RAF aircraft such as motorgliders and light aircraft.

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Celebrating 100 years of RAF Halton

3 Squadron Royal Flying Corp land on the sheep pasture at Halton Credit: RAF Halton

RAF Halton in Buckinghamshire iscelebrating 100 years of military flying.

The Centenary of Flight, which isalso the RAF’s 95th year, is a big achievement for the Wendover base andthe local population who have supported the military aviation.

Current airframes that operate at RAF Halton Credit: RAF Halton

The first flight took place on September 18, 1913 as the aircraft from 3 Squadron of the Royal Flying Corps landed on the former Rothschild Estate.

Within five years of Britain's first flight, the Army recognised the value of aircraft and used experimental airplane structures to gain information.

Typhoon of today's 3 (F) Squadron based at RAF Coningsby Credit: RAF Halton

Today the airfield is home to a variety of RAF light aircraft and an occasional visit from a spitfire and Hercules transport aircraft.

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