HS2 at "serious risk"

The controversial High Speed Two rail link may never happen according to an official Government report. The 33 billion pound line would link London and the North but cut through the Buckinghamshire and Oxfordshire countryside.

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High Speed 2 at "serious risk" according to report

The controversial £33bn plan for the High Speed Two (HS2) rail line through Buckinghamshire and Oxfordshire many never happen, according to an official Government report. It is one of 23 major Government projects at serious risk of failure, according to Whitehall documents.

The report is from a Government watchdog set up to monitor the progress of major projects and gives them red, amber and green warnings depending on how well they are progressing, being managed and finances.

There are 23 schemes which have amber/red warning flags raised against them in the report, meaning successful delivery of the project is in doubt and urgent action needs to be taken to tackle problems in various areas.

They include HS2, Thameslink - a massive upgrade of rail series from Sussex and Kent to London and improvements to Southern and Gatwick Express trains.

The Government insist it is committed to HS2 and Thameslink because they will create thousands of jobs. They say the report is about keeping them on track but getting the best value for money.

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