Shipping containers for homeless

Planning permission has been granted to turn shipping containers in Brighton into accommodation for homeless people. Work will begin next month on nearly 40 studio units.

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Containers to house homeless

Homeless people in Brighton are to be offered temporary accommodation in converted shipping containers. A 'container community' of 36 units will be created on land now being used as a scrapyard. Some say it's a possible solution to a growing homes crisis.

But others say it's not a proper answer.

Charlotte Wilkins has been to see to see a similar scheme operating in London. Work will start next month to transform the land near Preston Circus in to a shipping container development.

Charlotte Wilkins speaks to Louise Stephenson, who's a resident at Forest YMCA, Tim Pain, from Forest YMCA, Rick Henderson from Homeless Link, Chris Gilbert from QED developers, and Andy Winter from the Brighton Housing Trust.

  1. Charlotte Wilkins

Homeless to be offered shipping container homes

Homeless people living in Brighton could soon be offered shipping containers as alternative accommodation. Work will begin next month on transforming the containers into habitable spaces.

Our reporter Charlotte WIlkins has been to see a similar project in London, to find out how the concept will work. The interviewees are Louise Stephenson, a YMCA resident; Chris Gilbert, a developer; and Andy Winter from the Brighton Housing Trust.


Living in a converted shipping container

With soaring house prices it can be hard to get a foot on the ladder, or even afford to rent a place. But instead of asking the council for help - Craig Farmer from East Hendred in Oxfordshire came up with a unique solution.

Kate Bunkall went to meet him at his converted shipping container last year.

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