Kittens with 24 toes each

Three kittens at a Kent animal home have been found to have an unusual feature - an extra toe on each of their four paws.

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Three kittens have 24 toes each

A litter of three kittens all born with an extra toe on each paw are looking for a new home after their owner was unable to care for them.

Shortly after they arrived at a Brands Hatch cattery, staff noticed there was something different about the kittens - they had 12 extra toes between them.

Cats normally have five toes on each paw but some cats, known as Polydactyl cats or mitten cats, are born with a genetic mutation that gives them extra toes.

We sometimes see cats coming in with an extra digit on one paw, but to get three kittens in a litter with extra toes on all four paws is quite unusual. They are very sweet kittens and will definitely get lots of attention. Cats tend to breed when it's warmer so we see lots of kittens during the summer months. Sadly people aren't getting their cats neutered and rescue centres are left to pick up the pieces. Our three centres are currently inundated with unwanted cats and we are desperate for more homes."

– Debbie Coker, Brands Hatch cattery

Pudding, Brenda and Niall will be ready for rehoming once they are nine weeks old.


Kitten litter with 12 extra toes between them

Pudding the kitten, showing off the extra toes Credit: Brands Hatch Battersea Dogs and Cats home

Three five week old kittens - recent arrivals at the Brands Hatch Battersea Dogs and Cats home - have been born with an extra toe on each of their paws.

Pudding, Brenda and Niall, and their mother arrived at the centre when their owner fell ill and was unable to care for them.

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