Soton airport saves energy

Southampton Airport is to make savings of around £45,000 by installing specialist lighting throughout the airport campus, which cut its electricity use by ten per cent.

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Southampton Airport at forefront of energy saving measures

Southampton Airport is undertaking a ground-breaking project to improve lighting on the aircraft stands as well as reduce carbon emissions.

The airport will make savings of around £45,000 by installing Light Emitting Diode (LED) lighting throughout the airport, cutting its electricity use by ten percent.

It is the first time LED technology has been used in this way at any UK airport.

The airport has replaced more than 70 per cent of its lighting with LED alternatives and also used solar powered technology across the airfield - cutting its electricity use by 10 per cent.

Improving the energy efficiency of the airport is a long term strategy. We’re committed to doing everything we can to manage the business as responsibly and efficiently as possible. The steps we’ve already taken demonstrate our commitment which we intend to build on into the future.”

– Dave Lees, Southampton Airport Managing Director
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