Dreamland to be rejuvenated

The High Court is expected to decide today on an appeal by the former owners of the Dreamland amusement park in Margate. They have appealed against Thanet Council's compulsory purchase of the site.

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Dreamland will get a new lease of life

Video. One of the South East's oldest amusement parks is to get a new lease of life. Much of Dreamland in Margate burnt down five years ago. Since then, the former funfair has been the site of the a bitter fight between developers and the local council.

Today, that battle ended when Thanet Council won the backing of three of the country's top judges to acquire the site. They hope their ownership will rejuvenate the resort, drawing thousands of day-trippers and holiday-makers, just like Dreamland used to do. Sarah Saunders reports.

What the council plans to do with Dreamland

Thanet District Council plan to spend £10.3 million to rejuvenate the former Dreamland funfair.

The plans include spending £2.2 million on restoring the Scenic Railway roller coaster.

Another £1.7 million will be spent on other new rides.

It claims that the new heritage theme park will draw in 350,000 visitors a year and will create 14 full time jobs and 32 part time and seasonal jobs.

A £3.7 million government grant will also help with the restoration.


Judges rule that Dreamland will get a new life

Lord Justice Elias decision on turning Dreamland into a new £10m heritage theme park.

The need for regeneration for the economic and social benefit of Margate was overwhelming. There were two schemes in play, only one of which was, in the inspector’s view, satisfactory. The proposed development required the whole site; and the CPO was necessary to secure the relevant land because the appellants were not willing to transfer it voluntarily.

Sadly, like many other seaside towns, Margate has lost much of its former glory and is now one of the most deprived areas in South East England.

It is universally recognised that Margate is in urgent need of regeneration.”

– Lord Justice Elias

Court back Dreamland rejuvenation

The Dreamland Amusement Park in Margate is to get a new life.

Thanet District Council's compulsory purchase of the former park to turn it into a £10m heritage theme park won the backing of three of the country's top judges.

They hope it will rejuvenate the seaside town and hope to draw hundreds of thousands of day-trippers and holiday makers to the Kent resort each year, just like Dreamland used to.

Giving the main ruling, Lord Justice Elias backed the CPO.

The former owners of the site, DreamlandLive, who were formerly known as Margate Town Regeneration Company, had asked the court to quash the CPO, which would have potentially revived their own plans for the site.


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