Man rescued from marshland

A 62-year-old man missing for more than 24 hours has been rescued by coastguards from a nature reserve just north of Weymouth.

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Coastguard rescue man from remote marshland

Coastguards have rescued a missing man from remote marshland near Weymouth last night. The 62-year-old man had been missing for more than 24 hours when he was found using infra-red heat seeking equipment on board the Portland Coastguard helicopter.

The Wyke Coastguard Rescue Team and members of Dorset Search and Rescue hiked over rough terrain to get to the man and prepare him to be winched to safety. He's now in hospital suffering from suspected hypothermia.

Maddy Davey, watch manager at Portland Coastguard, said: 'This was a tricky rescue operation, with teams working in the dark and in an inaccessible area of land. But through working together with other rescue organisations, we were thankfully able to locate this man and take him to safety.'

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