Activist freed from Russian jail

A Greenpeace activist from Oxfordshire, who was being held in Moscow, has been released from jail. Philip Ball was granted bail last week.

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Activist's release from Russian jail 'brilliant news'

The brother of a Greenpeace activist freed from a Russian jail has welcomed news of his sibling's release. Steve Ball spoke to ITV Meridian earlier this year about his brother Phil's arrest. Phil Ball, from Oxford, was one of thirty people detained while on the Arctic Sunrise ship in September.

“It’s absolutely brilliant news. After two months in jail he could have done without another weekend behind bars, but it’s a great relief to know he’s finally out and able to talk to his friends and colleagues.

Our thoughts though are still with Colin’s family – it’s great to see people from the four corners of the world calling for his immediate release and I do hope he’ll be able to join the other 29 soon.”

– Steve Ball, Brother of freed activist Phil Ball

“This is news we’ve been waiting for all weekend, but of course our hearts and thoughts remain with Colin Russell and his family.

Since being reunited after their release, our friends in St Petersburg have swapped stories, tears and experiences, hugged friends and each other and told of their great resolve and commitment to defending the Arctic against oil drilling and climate change.

This is not over yet and none of us will be truly happy until all of the Arctic 30 have been released from detention and the charges against them dropped.”

– Ben Ayliffe, Arctic campaigner at Greenpeace International


Greenpeace activist freed from Russian jail

Greenpeace activist Philip Ball released from Russian jail Credit: Greenpeace

A man from Oxfordshire arrested in Russia during a Greenpeace protest at sea has been freed from jail. Phil Ball is the last of the six British people to be released by the Russian authorities.

The Oxford resident was granted bail last week, but remained in detention before being released by a court in St Petersberg today.

Greenpeace's 'Arctic Sunrise' ship was seized by the Russian authorities, and the 28 activists and two freelance journalists on board were arrested on 18th September 2013.


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