Octopus prepares for Christmas countdown

Lizzie the octopus from Brighton Sea Life Centre has been given her own advent calendar.

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Christmas Octopus

At this time of year as we juggle the food shopping, presents, and decorations - we could all do with more than one pair of hands.

Luckily there's one Brighton resident that has exactly that and she's even able to use them to count down the last few days to Christmas

Lizzie the Octopus has been given her very own advent calendar but it's not as simple as it sounds! Malcolm Shaw reports.

Lizzie the octopus enjoys advent calendar

The excited octopus opens a door every day throughout december Credit: ITV Meridian

Despite being an octopus, Lizzie from Brighton is celebrating Christmas with her very own advent calendar.

Brighton Sea Life Centre have given the octopus an advent calendar with boxes containing morsels of fish and crab.

The octopus is very excited about the advent calendar before christmas Credit: ITV Meridian


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