Rail fare price rises: Passengers pay more for season tickets

Train companies will today publish the increases in season tickets.

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Campaign calls to stop rail price hikes

The Campaign for Better Transport has called on the Government to do more to stop runaway rail fares affecting many across our region.

The campaign is calling on the Government to create a new formula to end the increasing fare rises.

If Government had raised fares by CPI inflation alone between 2011 and 2014, from January selected fares would be lower than actual fares by the following amounts:

Basingstoke to London - £336 cheaper

Colchester to London - £228 cheaper

Southampton to London - £352 cheaper

Government should stop using RPI to calculate ticket prices. It over-estimates real inflation so consistently that the Office of National Statistics has dropped it as an official measure. Government has already switched to CPI for most things. Doing the same for train fares would have little impact on railway revenues, but it would save passengers money and bring fares into line with things like public sector pensions."

– Stephen Joseph, Chief Executive of the Campaign for Better Transport

Southern announce fare rise of under 3%

Southern commuters will face a fare rise of 2.87% and Gatwick Express fares will be frozen at the 2013 prices.

The average fare rise will come into effect on 2nd January 2014.

Southern railway announce their season ticket price increase Credit: PA

Southern’s Commercial Director, Alex Foulds said: “There is good news for all of our season ticket holders as we have chosen not to use flex, meaning that all our season ticket holders will pay a lower increase.

"It’s also great news for our Gatwick Express passengers as we are freezing fares on the route, and for those looking for cheap off-peak travel, we continue to freeze our cheapest Advance fare at just £5.”


Rail fares across our region increase by 3.1%

Rail fares in the region for commuters will go up by 3.1 per cent from January, it has just confirmed.

It will bring a season ticket from Reading to London to more than £4,000 a year for the first time.

Across the county the average increase will be 2.8 per cent but commuter tickets will rise slightly more.

A chart released by the Rail Delivery Group showing where the money from the tickets go toward Credit: Rail Delivery Group

Michael Roberts, director general of the Rail Delivery Group which speaks on behalf of the rail industry, said:

“We strongly support the Government’s decision to introduce a real term freeze in the average price of Season tickets next year. The lowest increase across all fares for four years shows the industry's determination to maintain the phenomenal growth in rail travel since the mid-1990."

Rail price rises revealed

Rail commuters across our region will now be paying more than £5,000 after the rail fares for 2014 have been revealed.

Those travelling from Kent saw an increase of 3.4% taking their rail fares past the £5k figure.

Commuters from Basingstoke saw rises from £3,960 to £4,076.

Other annual season ticket increases include:

Folkestone Central to London - up 3.06% to £4,984

Reading to London - up 3.23% to £4,088

Sevenoaks to London - up 3.08% to £3,208

Aylesbury to London - up 2.75% to £3,732

Bedford to London - up 3.07% to £4,300

Woking to London - up 2.9% to £2,980

Commuters find out today how much they'll be paying

Train companies publish rail fare rises Credit: Steve Parsons/PA Wire

Half a million rail passengers in the region who buy season tickets will today find out today exactly how much fares will rise in January. Train companies are publishing the increases which the Governent decided will be 3.1 % in line with inflation.

It means between £1 and £200 a year more for a typical passenger.

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