Bournemouth graduates help create hit film Gravity

A recent group of graduates from the Arts University Bournemouth got to work on the space thriller Gravity, creating some of the special effects that have been described as 'out of this world'.

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'Out of this world'- CGI by Bournemouth graduates

Video. One of the most hotly tipped films of this season is the space thriller Gravity. Its special effects have been described as 'out of this world'. The film stars Sandra Bullock, George Clooney and a lot of computer graphics. Many of those images were bought to life in Dorset.

A group of recent graduates, hot from their animation course at the Arts University Bournemouth, got to work on the film. Their success is helping to grow the town's reputation as a centre of excellence for CGI.

Martin Dowse reports, and talked to Jeff Baggott, Dean of Faculty in Media and Performance.

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