Prime Minister's promises to Commons over flooding

David Cameron has been talking about the current flooding crisis at Prime Minister's Questions in the House of Commons.

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'We're deploying the army, when we're asked to deploy the army ...

The Prime Minister has been defending his Government's response to the flooding crisis sweeping the region. During PMQs at the House of Commons he has been questioned about the Environment Agency, and the looming cuts to its staffing levels.

David Cameron has also reiterated his pledge on money being no object when dealing with problem. He said he did not want homeowners to worry.

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PM: We need to improve the resilience of Britain

David Cameron speaks in the House of Commons.

David Cameron has said he suspects Britain will experience more extreme weather events in the future as he stated the need to make the country more "resilient".

"I think its clear that we are seeing more extreme weather events and I suspect we will go on seeing more extreme weather events and we need to do everything we can to improve the resilience of our country," the Prime Minister said in the Commons.

Mr Cameron reiterated that "money is no object", insisting that the Government would "spend whatever is necessary" to help families get through the crisis.


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