Motorbike riders help to save lives

Meet the biker volunteers who are on standby during the night and every weekend to deliver urgent blood and medical supplies to our hospitals. They do it for free.

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The life blood of the health service

This band of bikers includes an engineer, a businessman and a former police officer but they are not just easy riders. They work together delivering urgently-needed blood and medical supplies to hospitals. The 140 volunteers work for free during the night and on weekends.

Our reporter Nashreen Issa has been out with the charity called SERV. She talks to biker Graham Perrin and Angela Green from East Kent Hospitals. Also featured are Caitlin and Alison Kydd who meet the chairman of the group Arthur Godden.

Thanks - you are a life saver

It's not often volunteers working for the charity SERV get to meet the people whose lives they helped save. In this clip school-girl Caitlin Kydd and her mum Alison thank the team of 140 volunteers who working mainly during the night to transport blood to hospitals.

They meet the chairman of the group Arthur Godden.


How bikers save the NHS thousands of pounds

Angela Green from the East Kent Hospitals Trust explains how a group of bikers in Kent help save the NHS tens and thousands of pounds.

Riders from the SERV group deliver urgently- needed blood to hospitals.They're on call 365 days a year.

They also deliver blood to the Kent, Surrey and Sussex Air Ambulance. It means doctors and paramedics can carry out transfusions at the scene of an accident increasing someone's chance of survival. It's a procedure that's usually performed after a patient arrives at hospital.

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