New MS therapy centre being built in Kent

A new therapy centre is being built in Canterbury for people living with multiple sclerosis.

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Living with an incurable disease

More than 1000 people in the South East are living with a condition that has no cure - multiple sclerosis. The disease is related to the nervous system and affects people differently. Some struggle to walk whilst others have vision or speech problems.

The Kent MS Centre in Canterbury has been offering support and therapies to ease the symptoms of MS for the last thirty years. Now, the charity has raised 1.6 million pounds to build a new bigger and better therapy centre - which will open by the end of 2014.

In this clip, two of the current members and fundraisers talk about living with MS and what the new centre means for them. Mary is a young mum from Ashford. Amy from Dover was diagnosed at the age of 15 and is training to be a nurse.

Big plans for new therapy centre

Work is underway to build a new therapy centre for people living with multiple sclerosis. For 30 years, a centre in Canterbury has been supporting those affected by the condition. But it was struggling to cope with increased demand for its services. So a decision was taken to expand.

It's taken fundraisers 15 years to raise the 1.6 million pounds needed to fund the new centre. Manager Karen Middlemiss explains what it means for people in Kent.


New hope for people living with MS

Every week 50 people will be diagnosed with Multiple sclerosis - a disease that has no cure. It affects people in different ways - memory loss, vision problems and some struggle to walk. For the last 30 years, one charity in Kent has been supporting those who are coping with the condition.

And now they're starting to build a new therapy centre. Our reporter Nashreen Issa went to see the centre and spoke to fundraiser Mary Daly, centre manager Karen Middlemiss and some of the members of the group in Canterbury.

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