Pioneering work with autistic children by University of Kent

New research from the University of Kent has looked into how autistic children respond to the world around them, carrying out pioneering work to help them communicate.

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New research to help autistic children communicate

Video. Imagine your child not ever being able to really talk to you. That is what the families of those with autism often face. But now new research from the University of Kent could be able to change that for the better.

Pioneering work carried out at several special schools across the country resulted in significant improvements in the way autistic children responded to the world around them.

One third of pupils showed improvements in the way they communicated with others.

Many more saw a reduction in autistic symptoms. Researchers will officially release the findings soon but Christine Alsford has this exclusive report.

She spoke to Gillian Burns, Kieran's mother, Professor Nicola Shaughnessy from Imagining Autism Project and Lisa Richardson from the University of Kent.

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