Lightning strike causes rail chaos across Kent

A lightning strike is causing chaos on railway lines across Kent.

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Eurostar services back to normal after fire

Hundreds of Eurostar passengers were delayed after a lightning strike on the UK side of the Channel Tunnel. Lightning triggered a fire at a building close to the Kent entrance to the tunnel, at Ashford, last night, causing delays to Eurostar services.

The services are now running normally this morning.

Four trains were affected - two from Paris to London, one from Brussels to London and one from London to Paris. The only one that didn't make it was London to Paris because of a delay after the lightning, so went back to London."

– Pierre Delalande, Eurostar

Customers were offered taxis and hotels where necessary, he added.


No reported injuries after lightning strike hits Kent

A bolt of lightning above Folkestone this evening Credit: @NewsThisSecond

Kent Fire and Rescue has confirmed that there are no reported injuries after a lightning strike caused a series of fires in the county. 5 substations on the train line between Sandling Station and Dover Priory Station caught fire along with a house near Hyde.

A fire at a building near the UK entrance to the Channel Tunnel in Folkestone has delayed 4 Eurostar trains. None are being held inside the tunnel.

Hundreds stuck on Eurostar after lightning strike

Passengers wait onboard the Eurostar Credit: @bneiluj

Eurostar has confirmed that a lightning strike close to the UK entrance of the Eurotunnel has set a building on fire. As standard procedure, Eurostar services have been stopped until the fire is brought under control. Fire services are at the scene, but the flames are not yet under control.

4 trains have been affected by the fire. 1 London to Paris train has turned around and been sent back to London. 2 Paris to London trains and a Brussels to London train are still being held at either end of the tunnel, but are said to be moving "soon". No trains are being held in the tunnel.

Firefighters tackle 5 substation fires as lightning strikes

5 substations are on fire after a lightning strike in Kent this evening Credit: ITV News Meridian

5 railway substations are on fire this evening after a lightning strike near Folkestone in Kent. Firefighters are tackling the flames along the line from Dover priory to Sandling station. Hundreds of passengers have faced long delays due to signalling problems since just after rush hour.


Up to 5 substations on fire after lightning strike

A spokesperson from Southeastern has confirmed that 4 or 5 substations were on fire as a result of a lightning strike in Folkestone earlier this evening. That strike took out the power on the line between Dover priory and Ashford.

There are now signalling problems between Dover Priory, Ashford and Folkestone. Hundreds of passengers are thought to have been affected by delays.

Lightning strike causes rail chaos across Kent

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