Rare sextuplet lambs born in Dorset

Six lambs were born last week at the Toller Porcorum farm in Dorset.

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First UK sextuplet lambs born in time for spring

Six lambs were born together last week, which is unprecedented in the UK Credit: Farm Stay UK

A farm in Dorset is looking after newborn sextuplet lambs, which is unprecedented in the UK.

Colesmoor Farm in Dorchester were surprised at the unusual birth of six lambs at the same time - as even quintuplets are rare in the UK.

The Toller Porcorum farm in Dorset helped the ewe give birth Credit: Farm Stay UK

The owner of Colesmoor Farm said: "Although we have lots of triplets and quadruplets and the occasional quintuplet from our 300 ewes, we have never heard of a commercial ewe having six good lambs.

"She had been pregnancy scanned to have five lambs so it was a nice surprise for Emily, our night time lamber, when a sixth turned up. She will probably rear three of them and the other three will join our other orphan lambs.”

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