Wildlife sites affected by new high speed rail

Around 500 wildlife sites across the South East will be affected by the new HS2 rail development.

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Wildlife sites across South at risk from HS2

Wildlife areas across our region could be affected by the new rail development Credit: ITV Meridian

As many as 500 wildlife sites have been put at risk by plans to build a high speed rail line through the South East.

Wildlife Trusts have proposed that the HS2 scheme could destroy more wildlife habitats than it will replace.

A report by the Trusts, who oppose HS2, called on the Government to back the creation of a ribbon of natural areas running the length of the route to protect and restore the countryside and communities, if the project goes ahead.

The Wildlife Trusts director of England, Stephen Trotter, said: "Currently, people and nature stand to lose if HS2 goes ahead which is why our opposition to the proposed route for HS2 remains. Like other affected groups we will be petitioning against it."

Some 150 existing and 43 proposed local wildlife sites would be affected, including 43 ancient woods and nine Wildlife Trust nature reserves.

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