Lucky escape for Hampshire man after house fire

A man from Andover escaped death after he left a burning pizza unattended.

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Unconscious man rescued after pizza sets alight

A man from Andover had to be rescued after he left the oven on after cooking pizza.

The man fell unconscious after he put his food in the oven and fell asleep at his home on Saturday 26th April.

Smoke originally went undetected as the batteries had been removed from the downstairs smoke alarm.

Luckily, the upstairs alarm was activated and a neighbour raised the alarm.

The man was then carried unconscious from the house and was treated for smoke inhalation but did not require hospital treatment.

Cooking after a night out, especially if alcohol has been involved, is usually a bad idea. You're far more likely to fall asleep, leaving the the cooking to burn. In this incident, the problem was compounded by the fact the batteries had been removed from the smoke alarm downstairs. This is clearly a very dangerous thing to do and in this case the presence of a second smoke alarm upstairs proved to be a potential lifesaver."

– Station Manager Glenn Bowyer, from Hampshire Fire and Rescue Service's community safety team
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