Plume of smoke in Portsmouth seen for miles around

Reports that a scrap yard is on fire in Portsmouth

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Fire crews praised for scrapyard blaze response

Viewer's photo of the blaze Credit: Pete Roberts

Fire crews remain at the scene of a blaze at a metal recycling plant in Portsmouth.

The fire, involving 500 tonnes of scrap metal, broke out at European Metal Recycling LTD, Portsmouth at 8:41am today (5 October).

The fire caused a smoke plume reaching heights of over 100 feet which could be seen for miles.

The smoke plume has now settled but could affect local residents. Residents are therefore advised to close their windows and doors. The smoke plume is not harmful and so residents should not be concerned by the smell.

More than 50 firefighters are still on scene tackling the blaze and are working with on site staff to make fire breaks to stop the fire spreading.

The man in charge of the operation has praised the work of fire crews in very hard conditions.

Crews are doing a fantastic job in arduous conditions. Metal, when involved in a fire, gets intensely hot. This creates a difficult environment to work in and so this incident could continue for a number of hours.

– Group Manager Alan Murray

The cause of this incident is currently unknown but is not being treated as suspicious.

500 tonnes of scrap metal on fire at Portsmouth yard

40 firefighters are at the scene Credit: Christine Lord

Hampshire Fire brigade says around 40 firefighters are tackling the blaze at European Metal Recycling Ltd, in Dundas Spur, Portsmouth.

They're using five jets and two compressed air foam jets to contain the blaze, after 500 tonnes of scrap metal caught fire.

Blocks have been put in place to try to stop the fire from spreading, but neighbouring properties are not thought to be at risk.

Roadblocks have been put up to prevent traffic getting too close, but the fire has attracted a lot of people who are keen to take a look. The fire has caused a large column of black smoke to rise over Portsmouth, visible for miles around.


Blaze causes huge column of smoke over Hampshire

Road blocks have been set up on nearby streets Credit: Richard Jones

Firefighters are dealing with a huge blaze at a metal recycling plant in Portsmouth.

Crews from Southsea, Cosham and Southampton are tackling the fire at European Metal Recycling Ltd, in Dundas Spur.

The alarm was raised around 8.45am this morning.

The smoke is not thought to be toxic but residents are advised to keep windows and doors closed.

Social media has been full of images of the large column of black smoke rising over the city.

It can be seen from as far afield as Selsey and the Isle of Wight. Please keep your pictures coming into us at

The heat given off has been intense Credit: Miranda Williamson

Police are at the scene and have set up road blocks to stop traffic getting near the site. The force says the fire is not posing a risk to anyone’s property and no-one is in danger.

The plume can be seen from Selsey Credit: Max Gilligan

Plume of black smoke over Portsmouth

A plume of thick black smoke is towering over Portsmouth after fire broke out at a waste recycling plant in the city.

The funnel can be seen for miles around.

Fire officers are at the scene in the Copnor area.

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