'Planning application' to replace popular cafe with giant plastic otter's head

A clutch of strange planning applications have been spotted around Brighton and Hove

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Very weird 'planning notices' spotted in Brighton

Obviously a postmodernist HQ would be in the shape of a bus Credit: @PhilLucas

Something strange is afoot in Brighton and Hove.

A number of planning notices have been spotted around the city with ideas including a 40 metre plastic otter's head, an unusual site for an airport and something about Chris Moyles.

They are the brainchild of standup comedian Phil Lucas who has a lot of questions to answer.

Sussex County Cricket Ground have yet to comment on the idea Credit: @PhilLucas
Boris may have overlooked this idea Credit: @PhilLucas
If you know what Xteme taxidermy is please send us a tweet Credit: @PhilLucas
Chris Moyles? Credit: @PhilLucas
Why Phil? Why? Credit: @PhilLucas
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