Is this the worst-ever case of fly-tipping?

VIDEO: Investigations have begun into a mile-long stretch of rubbish, after one of the region's worst cases of fly-tipping emerged.

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  1. Tom Savvides

Video: Dumped rubbish stretches a mile

Illegal rubbish, stretching a mile, has been dumped in one of the worst cases of fly-tipping in the south east. Tom Savvides talks to locals in Purfleet and MP Jackie Doyle Price.

A mile of rubbish blights countryside

Cory's Wharf has become a dumping ground Credit: Your Thurrock
The rubbish has accumulated over several months Credit: Your Thurrock

It's a sea of rubbish as far as you can see.

For months, land at Cory's Wharf in Purfleet, Thurrock, has been used to dump sofas, mattresses, building materials and household waste.

It's dumping on an industrial scale.

Video filmed by shows the full extent of the blight on the landscape.

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"Thurrock Council is aware of the situation on land it owns in Purfleet and is working with partners in the police and the Environment Agency to tackle this issue, bring the perpetrators to book and recoup the clean-up costs – estimated to be in the thousands.

"The council will be investigating the site for toxic or otherwise dangerous material before any final decision on its removal is taken.

– Spokesperson for Thurrock Council


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